The EduCentre project included a branding package, name and tagline creation and website.


EduCentre Early Learning


2020 - Ongoing


Name and Tagline Creation
Graphic Design
Digital Marketing Design
Print Marketing Design
Website Creation


Adobe Creative Suite
Canva (For client managed designs)

EduCentre Early Learning was in need of a re-brand including name change and tagline creation paired with a strong visual identity and online presence that would promote more growth for their local day care.

The project began with an in depth research and discovery phase where I learned about the day care’s goals, mission, and unique selling proposition. I worked closely with the client to identify their target audience and what set them apart from their competition so that we could develop a name and tagline that made sense, along with company messaging and a visual identity that would communicate the brand’s message effectively.

Once I had a clear understanding of the day care’s brand, and the target audience and demographic, I started with the name and tagline creation along with company messaging. The Visual identity was then created as the next step.

We explored various colour schemes, typography, mood and imagery until we found a design that aligned with the client’s vision and values.

After finalizing the branding which included various print and digital marketing materials, the attention was turned to the website design. Using the WordPress platform, I created a user-friendly online presence that showcases the day care’s programs and mission and vision, and provides easy access to important information for parents. The website features a design which is playful and creative while also being professional and welcoming.

In addition to the design, we ensured that the website incorporated useful features such as contact forms and appointment booking capabilities. Training was provided on how to use the content management system so that the client could manage the website themselves.

The end result was a cohesive brand identity and an aesthetically pleasing website that effectively communicates the day care's message. We are proud to have helped this local business stand out in a competitive market and achieve their goals.

Branded Elements

Your logo is only one element of your visual identity. Elements included with a branding package include typography, imagery, and colour palette a

Branding is a vital aspect of any business or organization as it allows them to shape their identity and make their products or services easily recognizable to their target audience. A strong branding strategy is often created through the use of specific elements, including color palette, typography, imagery, and graphics.

The use of specific colours can evoke emotions and convey a sense of personality for a brand. The muted earth tone palette for Held Humanity evokes a sense of calm and peace. Images, graphics and typography used should all be considered carefully in order to enhance brand personality and establish a unique visual identity.

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R234 G116 B74
C4 M68 Y77 K0

Robins Egg
Pantone® 564 C
R139 G191 B191
C46 M10 Y25 K0

Night Sky
Pantone® 548 C
R0 G58 B73
C96 M66 Y51 K44

Sugar Cookie
Pantone® 7499 C
R234 G224 B179
C8 M8 Y34 K0


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Google Font 'Raleway'

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