The Stephanie-Lynn Real Estate project included a re-brand with a complete brand package and marketing materials.


Stephanie-Lynn Real Estate




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Stephanie-Lynn, a committed real estate agent and investment expert, sought a redefined brand identity blending unique design elements reflecting her style and engaging her audience.

Stephanie-Lynn, a dedicated real estate agent based in Calgary, approached me seeking a redefined brand identity that resonated with her distinctive style. Her request was as unique as her personality ā€“ desiring an infusion of specific design elements, notably a skull and a darker theme, reflecting her alternative demeanor. Balancing my client’s individuality with audience appeal posed an intriguing challenge, one that demanded creativity while considering the target demographic. My task was twofold: honor her preferences while crafting a brand that spoke authentically to her audience’s needs.

Navigating these contrasting elements, I delved into a creative process aimed at unifying Stephanie-Lynn’s identity and audience engagement. Drawing from her alternative flair and commitment to guiding clients through real estate investments, I conceptualized a theme centered around a skeleton key. This theme encapsulated her expertise of unlocking new opportunities for her clientele, by opening doors into prosperous financial journeys for her clients

The amalgamation of Stephanie-Lynn’s distinctive taste with audience-centric design principles was a stimulating challenge. The final branding solution became a testament to the harmonious blend of her personal style and her professional commitment. By ingeniously infusing the symbol of a skeleton key into her brand, I successfully captured her essence while communicating a powerful message to her audience ā€“ that she holds the keys to unlocking lucrative real estate prospects for those she serves.

In crafting Stephanie-Lynn’s revamped branding, I embraced the art of transmuting unique elements into a cohesive visual narrative. The skeleton key not only personified her brand’s values but also served as a metaphor for her role as a real estate expert, providing her clients with the means to unlock endless possibilities and embark on transformative investment journeys.

The end result was a design that not only personified her brand's values but also served as a metaphor for her role as a real estate expert, providing her clients with the means to unlock endless possibilities and embark on transformative investment journeys.

Branded Elements

Your logo is only one element of your visual identity. Elements included with a branding package include typography, imagery, and colour palette

Branding is a vital aspect of any business or organization as it allows them to shape their identity and make their products or services easily recognizable to their target audience. A strong branding strategy is often created through the use of specific elements, including color palette, typography, imagery, and graphics.

The use of specific colours can evoke emotions and convey a sense of personality for a brand. The muted earth tone palette for Held Humanity evokes a sense of calm and peace. Images, graphics and typography used should all be considered carefully in order to enhance brand personality and establish a unique visual identity.

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