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Wheatland County


This local food bank was in need of a new website that would: 1. Allow residents in need to access information and request the help they need, and: 2. Allow those who want to volunteer or donate, to be able to do so easily. 

The client came to me with a very basic outdated website and this client was in need of a website that would achieve their goals. The food bank has two disctinct audiences: 1. Those in need of help, and 2. Those wanting to help. This was the forefront of my focus with the website re-build- that it needs to achieve goals for both audiences. The major goals I acheieved with this re-development were helping those in need apply for hampers and information, and allowing those who want to give,  to easily access volunteer opportunities and donate.


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Website re-design

The Wheatland County Food Bank’s website is responsive across browsers and devices. Their website helped them reach more locals in need, and gain more volunteers and donations. 

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